Monday, 5 June 2017

June Calendar of Challenges! Summer Challenge - May 1- Aug. 31

Keep those points coming!  Here are some super fun ways to earn more points towards our EPIC Summer AUCTION!!!  Let's make Summer of 2017 the BEST summer yet!

Tracy & All of your Curves Girls!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Hi Everybody!

I love being able to spend some time with you each month in my newsletter musings. I consider myself very lucky to have such a strong network of members, whom I consider my friends!

I have shared some pretty personal things through this newsletter and I have been blessed with some of you who have come up and told me how I inspired them. WOW! Never did I think about being an inspiration! In those dark moments, all I could think about was me and how it affected me, how I felt, and how I hated me. Well, since I now know I can inspire, here is a NEW update!

I have a new hair cut and new lease on life! It's spring and I survived another drab Saskatchewan Winter – I need sunlight! OK, enough rambling, here is to my latest and greatest goal... I am training for a walking marathon! Yup, you heard that right! Focusing on my body means focusing on my mind too and having a fitness goal is where it is at! I have looked into the QCM and Team Diabetes and am currently gathering information to help me work towards my goal. I have created (with the help of the internet), a training plan that will help to keep me focused all summer so that I can be ready for September! I have solicited some awesome neighbours in my community to walk with me when they can and will be doing my 3-4 days of circuit training at Curves of course! I am so excited to share my journey with you. It really helps me to stay true and accountable to myself, knowing that someone is watching!

I know that there will be rough days and dark times that will come upon me; no one is perfect. We all have those moments where our clothes don't fit well or as expected. But I am still losing weight, slow and steady and have found my 'why' so that will help to keep me FOCUSED!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fran- Member Spotlight

The lovely Tracy asked me why a hot, fit chick loves to go to Curves. My reply was that I wasn't sure why those people like to, but I can tell you why I do!

Curves is my fitness family. It's the most amazing place to work out, where the staff and other members are so very supportive, and committed.

There is no judgment and everybody is there for a common reason - to work out, have fun, and get fit.

I joined Curves in 2003, and have never looked back. I had memberships at other gyms, and to be honest, I rarely went. I always had the desire to work out, but never felt comfortable in other facilities. I am living the life of being fit, which I'm passing on to my 11 year old daughters. My girls and my husband are very supportive of my time at the gym, and never try to deter me from going, even when they'd prefer I was hanging out with them.

Over the years, I have maintained my fitness and my weight (for the most part). Recently, I decided to up my work outs to a minimum of four per week, but have been pulling a lot of five and six workout weeks. I have been able to shave off over 20 pounds, and I feel so amazing. The staff and members are noticing my loss, and are so full of compliments. I have never felt so happy with my physical being, nor have I ever felt this great.

I truly question where I would be in my life if I hadn't decided to join Curves. I am certain I would not be in the physical shape that I am right now. I wouldn't be fit, happy, successful or feel as good about myself as I do today. Tracy and her staff have been a God send. They are all amazing humans, and I love each and every one of them.

If you're wondering if you should try Curves - take the plunge, try it out, and you might just realize how fantastic and amazing you, too, can look and feel!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Class Schedule Changes and NEW Class!

Welcome to our changes for April! We are introducing a new walking class. This class was created with steps in mind. The goal is to walk to the beat of the music. It will be fun, exciting and will help make those 30 minutes feel like they went in a blink of an eye. We want to help our members get the most steps out of our Curves Circuit. Everyone should have a goal of 10, 000 steps each day and this is one super fun way to start that! While this is a class, the focus is still on going as hard and fast as you can on the machines. This is not meant as an alternate workout. It is meant as an extra bonus!

As most of you will notice, we have made some changes to the April Class schedules. We have cut back on classes to try an experiment. Now, please don't freak out. We want to put the focus back on doing 2/3 of your workouts as regular #CurvesStrong workouts. We want you pushing super hard on the machines for your benefit and results. Count your reps in the beginning of April and at the end. Have they increased? By how many? This is muscle growth. Muscle growth helps burns calories while we are sitting on the couch! This is a good thing. Trust us.

We really want our classes to be full so they are full of excitement.

Find Schedules here:

Friday, 7 April 2017

Not Just A New Bra

I am a girl who wears or uses everything until it needs to be retired, it breaks or falls apart completely.  So of course, in the rush of my busy week guess what happened to my one and only "good" bra?  (You know the "good" bra, the one that is always your stand by when your not wearing a sportsbra.  The one that works under every shirt or tee.  The one that if your shirt doesn't work with your "good" bra, you don't buy it??  Yes, that BRA! ) That's right, you guessed it, the WIRE SNAPPED.  Oh man!!!  Who has time to shop for a new bra?? And, how can you replace your "good" bra??

With no choice left,  I toured into PrimaDeanna boutique on 13th Ave. Where I met the wonderful owner Deanna.  She ushered me into one of the change rooms and said "take off your shirt and I will be back to measure you."  What???  Yikes...I am a big girl and I am not stripping off my shirt in front of a stranger.  But she had already whirled around and left.  There I stood in fright and did what anyone else would have done, I did as I was told and took off my tee and hugged it close to my middle section. She came back light on her feet and whirled me around as she quickly took my measurements and was gone again.  She left me asking myself if she had even been there.  Few seconds later she returned with 5 or 6 options and told me to try some on and when I found one I liked to call her and she would "check the fit".

As I stood in her wake, I thought to myself, she is so laid back that she was making me feel comfortable with this whole process. She had no look of judgement of my back fat or my ratty old "good" bra or that I had clung to my shirt in shame.  She even told me that she could and would fix the wire in my old "good" bra! Say WHAT??  She was just business as usual and so very kind in her approach, she made me feel like a super model that afternoon!  When I found the bra of my dreams, she fit checked it and made some changes, suggestions and even educated me on how a bra should fit and what to do as they stretched out.  She explained as they stretched to bring them back so she could alter it, thus extending the life of my "dream" bra!  The customer service that day blew my mind and her safe, non judgmental atmosphere was exactly what I needed.  I told her that every time my "dream" bra came in a different color to call me and I would  be in to pick it up.  Standing order.
Deanna really is amazing at what she does and you can tell she has the passion of an entrepreneur to make every women's experience in her store incredible.  Thank you Deanna!

So why am I writing a blog about bras??  Well because here is what I learnt that afternoon.  A good bra, gives a girl good confidence.  A proper fitting bra can make a world of difference and even your best friends will complement you on your new bra but forget to mention that your old bra was hideous.  I may not love my body all the time or even like it most times, but after putting on my "dream" bra and  looking in that mirror, I loved all of me in that moment.  I strutted out of there like I was a Supermodel and even as I type this 3 days later, I am still loving my new body. It wasn't achieved with amazing weight loss and no, I did not suddenly get taller.  I just got my confidence boosted with my "dream" bra and this week that is enough for me!!  I will take that win and cherish it all month long!

In conclusion ladies, if you want an instant self confidence boost, go buy a new, well fitting, meant just for you BRA! It will make you feel like a million bucks! Tell Deanna, Tracy says Hi and Thank you!!  She is worth the trip to Cathedral!  She Rocks!You will NOT be disappointed!

Thursday, 23 March 2017


New Members

New members can join Curves and help the Regina Food Bank at the same time! Bring in a minimum $30 bag of groceries, or a minimum $30 and we will waive the enrolment fee! Cash donations get a tax receipt. Share this with your girlfriends & family! Everyone needs a workout buddy!

WE have partnered with SAVE ON FOODS!

Visit our table at Save-On Foods to purchase premade bags of non perishable food for the Food Bank! Or stop by and say Hi! When you see us!

Food Drive Challenge

It’s the South versus the North again! Who will collect the most donations? Which club will send the largest amount to the Food Bank!!

How can you help Curves and the Food bank and your coworkers and yourself at the same time?

Pick up a Specially Marked box at Curves, take it to work and your colleagues can help the Food Bank. People who donate to the box can enter to win a Spa Day & other awesome prizes! If you take a box to work, and bring bag the heaviest box, you will win an amazing Gift basket with a ton of great stuff in it from local Regina Vendors! We have a limited number of boxes so get yours as soon ASAP. Boxes will be available starting March 6th in both clubs!